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Customize a Signs & Banners Store

Customize your S&B store's info, colors, logos, etc.

Important: You need to have the Signs and Banners module in order to create this store type. 

Store Settings

Through your store creation you had the ability to entered all of the information within this section. If you missed anything or would like to change any data, you can do so here. 

  • Contact
  • Address 
  • Store Content 
  • Domain
  • Options 
  • Commission tracking 
  • Price Markups (This is a FULL markup on the entire store.)

Store Content

  • Description - Heading is the title that appears on your home page
  • Description - Body is the text that shows below the header text

Theme Settings

Upload Logo

Upload the logo you would like to appear on the upper left of your store front. 

  • Recommended Image Type: .png
  • Recommended Maximum Dimensions: 300px by 106px

NOTE: If you do not provide a logo, the title of the store will show.


Upload Favicon

A Favicon is an icon associated with a URL that is variously displayed, as in a browser's address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list.


  • Image Type: 16x16 

Custom Theme Options

Choosing the color scheme of your store is extremely important for your branding. Not all colors coordinate well and can make it hard for your shoppers to navigate. Below are some tools that can help you generate the perfect color scheme for your branding. 

Color Headings

  • Global will be shown through our your site 
  • Header will show in the header of the site 
  • HeroSpace will show through out your banners
  • Get Started Section will show within your getting started section of your store front.
  • Footer will show in the footer of your site
  • Modal will show in any modals that pop up with your site