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Create a Signs and Banner Store

Sign & Banner Store Creation

Important: You need to have the Signs and Banners module in order to create this store type. 

Sign and Banner Store

  • Hover over Web Stores
  • Click Create New

  • Click Create under Sign and Banner

Store Information 

  • Enter your Stores criteria
  • Click Next

E-Commerce Settings

  • Enable Shopping Cart
  • Choose at least 1 available Shipping Method you want to be available on your store. 
  • Select your Payment Method

Required = Payment made upon placing order.
Optional = Allow your shopper to pay or arrange for payment later. Disabled = Will NOT prompt for payment.

  • Click Next

Store Layout

  • Select Precursor Theme
  • Click Create Store


Your new Sign and Banner store has now been created! 

Note: Click the Store URL to check out your Sign and Banner store front.


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