UPS Access Key

Retrieving your UPS Access Key is crucial to setting up your integrated shipping.

To fully integrate your UPS pricing into InkSoft, you'll need a UPS account. Follow the instructions below to retrieve your Access Key for full integration

UPS Login

  • Login to your UPS Account
  • Go down to the footer and click Help Center

Help Center

  • Scroll down and click Technology Support

Get to the Developer Resource Center

  • Click Tools and Resources
  • Then click Developer Resource Center

UPS Developer Kit

  • Scroll down to Step 3: Developers: Download APIs
  • Click on Access the UPS Developer Kit

UPS Developer Kit 

  • Go to the How to Get Started Box.
  • Go to Step 4 and Click Request an Access Key

UPS Access Key Confirmation

  • Copy the Access Key
  • Paste Access Key within your UPS Account credentials within your admin portal