Web Store Settings (Advanced)

Store Files

Store and manage your custom files

InkSoft allows you to upload custom images to store and manage content. In turn you can utilize this content to personalize your web stores. 

Store Files

  • Hover over Web Stores
  • Click on the Store you want to edit

  • Click Advanced
  • Click Store Files

Upload New File

  • Click Select Action
  • Click Upload New File
  • Click Apply
  • Choose File from your computer
  • Enter the Name of the file 
  • Add a Description of the file (OPTIONAL) - This can assist you in distinguishing between similar images.
  • Click Save

  • You will receive a green 'Success' message confirming your uploaded file

Manage Files

Filter Type

  • Click View All - to view all of your uploaded files
  • Click File Type - to view a specific file that you uploaded (i.e. Banner Image, Favicon Image, Product Image, etc.)
  • Click Date - to view files within a specific date range of the upload
  • Use the Search Bar - to find the exact file

Generate Store File URL

When you filter and find the files you searched for. 

  • Right Click on top of the image
  • Either Click Copy Image Address

This will produce a direct link to your file.


What can I do with this?

Because this is a public link, you can copy and use anywhere! Some commonly used places within InkSoft are: 

  • Custom Content
  • Custom Content Block (Stores Platform)
  • Custom Styling Design Studio