Web Store Settings (Advanced)

Live Chat

Configure live chat support for your web store

Live Chat can be the fastest way to engage your customers and provide them with the support they need when visiting your site.

Live Chat

  • Hover over Web Stores
  • Click on the Store you want to edit

  • Click Advanced
  • Click Live Chat

Live Chat Integrations

We integrate with a number of Live Chat services: 

  • Zopim
  • Provide Support
  • LiveChat

When selecting one of the above, you will see an unique embed code automatically populate. It will show you what you need from your Live Chat account in order to fulfill the integration. 


Looking for another provider?


There are SO many Live Chat providers! If there is a specific provider you prefer, InkSoft won't hold you back. We give you a section that will allow you to take the Embed Code from the Live Chat provider of your choice and paste it into your Custom HTML box.

Click Save and test the integration to ensure it works properly.



You can also utilize the 'Other' section of your Live Chat for any custom coding you would like to do on your store front!