Web Store Creation & Settings

Store Info & Contact

Store Specific Settings

Store Specific Information

  • Hover over Web Stores
  • Click on the Store you want to edit

Store Info & Contact

Will allow you to edit the information that you entered upon creating a new Web Store. This information will/can be seen to your shoppers. This is how they will be able to contact you for any questions they may have. 

Store Active

On the top of your Store Info & Contact will have a Store Active checkbox. IF unchecked, your store will deactivate. 



  • First & Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Phone
  • Email (You can have multiple emails. Separate with a comma, NO Spaces. i.e. email,email)

NOTE: This email will associate to the notifications you receive when a shopper generates an Art Approval (Saves Artwork.)



  • Enter the location of your shop


Assign and point your domain to your store: Assign Domain


Set your store to Private or Password Protect: Private or Password Protect

Commission Tracking

You can tack a commission for your store by percentage. You also track commission for up to 2 sales persons. 

Note: When you add Commission Tracking, InkSoft will track the commission per each order. When you move your orders through your Order Manager to Completed. You will be able to run a Commission Tracking Report so that everything is calculated for you.

Commission Report


Important when using Sales Person Tracking: Just like Store Commission, this will be taken per each order. If you have 2 sales persons entered, each will be deducted from the order. The commission will NOT assign order to a specific Sales Person.

Price Markups

Add a store wide markup to every single item that is sold on your store.