Web Store Creation & Settings

Manage Advertisements

Upload Banners for Web Stores (Starter Theme)

Banners allow you to have a rotating or slider image on the home page to give customers additional information or links to content within your store or external sites.

Example: Link to events, company, school, organizations 

NOTE: You will want to make sure your banner size is 900px X 300px

The 'Manage' section of Advertisements will allow you to edit, add, and remove Banners that are associated to the store.

Getting Started

  • Click Web Stores
  • Click Advertisements
  • Click Manage



To Edit a Banner, hover your mouse over the image and click the edit pencil that appears.



Editing Cont'd.

After you click the edit button on the image, the page will provide editing options.

Once you click the 'Edit' icon you will be greeted with the screen below.

Editing options:

  • Enabled: If checked the banner is active
  • Name: You can edit/change the banner name. We recommend carefully and descriptively naming banners to manage them
  • From/To Dates: Here you can select a start and end date. The start date is when the banner will become active and display publicly. The To date is the expiration. This is automatic. Once set you banner will activate an deactivate according to your dates
  • Sort Order: Controls the order in which banners display
  • Image Text: You can use these controls to display text and HTML on top of you banner. (Note: This will show small at the bottom of the banner)
  • Link Options: You can associate a banner ad to a search, URL or existing discount code.

NOTE: If you are linking to a URL, make sure to include the entire url address, including the http:// or https://. Example: https://www.inksoft.com/


Next, click Save.



Active/Inactive Banner

Selecting the image by checking the box, will allow you to use the select action menu to apply changes to the selected image(s).

Active Banners

  • Selecting De-Activate will remove the banner from displaying on your homepage -- but will NOT delete
  • Selecting Delete will permanently delete the selected banner(s)

Inactive Banners

  • Selecting Activate will add the banner to the homepage. 
  • Selecting Delete will permanently delete the selected banner(s)

Click Apply to save your changes to apply the change you selected.



Store Banner Settings

In this accordion, you can opt to make your banners automatically rotate and select a speed. If you do not enable 'Auto Rotate Banners' then your shoppers must manually click through your banners to advance them. We recommend auto rotation and the 'normal' speed setting.