Web Store Creation & Settings

Domain Name: Set up your website address

A domain name is the website address (or URL) that people will use to visit your InkSoft powered stores on the internet.

What's a domain name?

A domain name is the website address (or URL) that people will use to visit your InkSoft powered stores on the internet. 

You can purchase custom domain names from domain name registers such as GoDaddy

You can login to your domain registrar to 'point' your domain name to InkSoft's servers. Below are instructions for configuring your domain name to point to InkSoft. 

Getting Started

  • Click on 'Web Stores' from the main navigation and select 'Manage'.
  • Select the Store you wish to configure a domain name for by clicking Edit this Store.

Entering Custom Domain

  • Click Store Info & Contact
  • Click Domain
  • Enter your domain name: Note: Do not enter http://www. You should ONLY enter your domain name as seen in red.
  • Click Save after entering the domain name
  • You can make any of your stores the Main Store (main fulfillment store). This means your main store domain will show as the prefix domain to any other stores you have if you purchase a sub-domain SSL option.

Configuring a Domain with Domain Provider

There are two ways to point your domain name to InkSoft. 

  • Recommended method: CName Record: stores.inksoft.com
  • Optional method: A Record:

Need help? Unsure? Worried?

Our advice is always to contact your domain registrar for help. They are the experts of their systems and are best suited to make these changes or assist you if you aren't confident. Here is what you need to communication:

Please point the following domain name to CName Record: stores.inksoft.com or to A Record:

The InkSoft Success Squad can help too! Give us a call 800-410-3048 Ext. 1

Note: Domain name changes can take up to 48 hours to 'propagate' and become effective but generally is much quicker. 

Important Site Security 

In InkSoft, you can purchase an SSL certificate to encrypt and secure your online store using HTTPS instead of HTTP . When you activate SSL, the SSL padlock icon will appear beside your online store's URL in the address bar.

Here is a guide on setting up a custom SSL certificate.