Web Store Creation & Settings

Custom Content

Custom Pages, Privacy Policies, Term Agreements etc.

Custom Content gives you the ability to customize the information you want to share with your shoppers. It will also allow for you to enter any crucial information to protect you from any liability issues such as privacy policies, upload image terms, color disclaimer etc.  

Custom Content

  • Hover over Web Stores
  • Click on the Store you want to edit

  • Click Custom Content

Custom Content - Need To Know!

When you enter into each accordion you will see an HTML box to allow you to make edits/changes to the information you enter. 

If you are using an HTML Editor to pull in code, make sure to click the HTML button the bottom left, prior to pasting the copied code.

NOTE: I suggest using Quack It for any HTML Editor needs. It's free and super easy to use! 


You can copy your custom content to other stores as well. Select a store in the drop down you would like to copy from. (You will see this right above your Content Box)


Custom Content Accordions

About Us

Showcase your business history to let your shoppers know a bit about your background as a company. 



You have 3 entries within this accordion. All three allow you to add verbiage to help protect your business while at the same time setting the appropriate expectations for your customers.

  • Privacy Policy 
  • Terms of Use 
  • Upload Image Terms 

Contact Us

You can customize your Contact Us page. This will override your existing Contact Us page. 



You have 4 entries within this accordion; all of which give you the opportunity to share additional information when checking out.

  • Color Disclaimer 
  • Agree to Terms Before Placing Order
  • Thank You Message
  • Packing Slip Footer

All Pages

Available on deprecated themes only. NOT accessible for Starter Theme.



Create a custom page! This is great to use for any additional information you want to share! 

Pro Tip: You can create a custom page and use this as your main page (Landing Page.) After saving your custom page, you will head to Settings > Options > Click Start Page > Select Custom Page. That will take into affect. 


NOTE: If you do not use as your Start Page, this will ALWAYS show in the footer of your site. Its best to use your advertisements (Banners) to link to your custom page!

Link Custom Page To Banners