Web Store Creation & Settings

Create a Web Store

Create a Design Studio Full Functioning Web Store

Web Stores are dedicated stores for any selling opportunity. Each store can be customized including products, pricing, art, and the design and layout.

Create New

  • Hover over Web Stores
  • Click Create New

Web Store

A web store is a full featured e-commerce web site, ideal for selling custom and/or pre-decorated products.

  • Click Create under Web Stores


  • Enter the Store Contact & User Information for this store
  • Click Next

NOTE: Anything with a Red Asterisk (*) is required

Unsure why to use Geo Tags?

Geo-Tags can be helpful for local Search engine optimization. Learn more about Geo-Tags here

Store Name & Information

  • Store Name is simply the name of your store
  • Store Directory will uniquely identify your store from others (Potentially your store name)

NOTE: This has to be a unique identifier. If you receive an error message, this is a result from another user having the directory you are trying to use. 

  • Store Domain is a purchased domain already registered and will point to your new stores web address. 

NOTICE: Additional configuration will be required with your domain host. In order for the domain to work with Inksoft, your DNS configuration must be changed to add a CNAME record to stores.inksoft.com OR a DNS A record to if a CNAME is not possible. This configuration can be done with your domain's registration service. 

Using Go Daddy as your Domain registrar?? Go Daddy

  • Click Next

E-Commerce Settings

  • Select Available Shipping Methods - Select the shipping methods you would like to associate to this store 

NOTE: This coincides with your shipping under Settings > Shopping Cart Settings > Shipping

  • Select Payment Method - You have 3 Options:

       - Required - prompt for payment
       - Optional -  allow your customers to pay OR arrange payment later
       - Disabled - will NOT prompt for payment

  • Click Next

Advanced Store Options

  • Store Taxable Locations - Add the zip code in which your store is located for taxation purposes. 

Note: If you need assistance, please consult a tax professional 

  • Social Networks - Add company Facebook (Optional)
  • Price Markup - Price your entire store up by a certain percentage
  • Commission Information - Assign a store commission percentage

NOTE: This will track with each order and give a Commission Tracking Report once your orders are in a complete stage in your order manager.

  • Click Next


  • Select Starter Theme (Mobile Responsive)
  • Click Next

Upload Logo

  • Upload your Store Logo (Recommended Size 300px X 100px)
  • Click Next

Select Theme Colors

  • Enter the Hex Values you want for your store

NOTE: You can do this after store creation

  • Click Next

Store Product Configuration

  • Pre select products & categories to be shown on your store 

NOTE: This coincides with your blank products under Product > Manage Products. (You can opt out and add your products from Manage Products after store creation)

  • Click Next

Designs & Clip Art

  • Enable Designs by selecting ALL designs

NOTE: If you only want a handful of designs, opt out and add your designs after store creation under Art > Design Ideas > Manage

  • Enable Clip Art by selecting the specific categories 
  • Click Next

New Store - Finished!

Congratulations! Your new store has now been created! 

NOTE: Use controls to the left to edit your web stores information.