Web Store Creation & Settings

Activate, Deactivate & Delete a Store

Turn your stores On, Off or Delete entirely

Thats a Wrap!

Your fundraiser has ended and you are ready to either deactivate or delete your store! 

PRO TIP: Store deletion is FINAL. We suggest that you deactivate your store, in the case that you want to activate the same store at a later date. 

Commonly Used Terms

Active = your store is Live or Turned On
Inactive = your store is Shut Off 

Activate or Deactivate Store

Dashboard View

  • Click Dashboard
  • Scroll down to your store list
  • Toggle to Active to Re-Activate your store
  • Toggle to Inactive to Deactivate your store

NOTE: When you toggle to Inactive, it will ask you if you are sure you want to shut your store off from the public view.


Delete Store

IMPORTANT: Deleting a store is permanent. You will not be able to get the store back after confirming to trash your store.

  • Click Webstores
  • Click the Trash Can

  • You will receive 'ARE YOU SURE' messaging

NOTE: Again, this action is permanent. We suggest that if you think that you will ever need this store again, its better to set it as inactive vs. fully deleting your store.


  • You will receive a green 'Success' confirmation message