How To Create a Proposal

Add Line Items To Proposal

Start building your proposal with line items and sections.

Building the Proposal

Now that you've added a customer contact to the Proposal and filled out the basic Proposal Info, it's time to start building your proposal by adding line items to it. Proposals are made up of different line items and sections. You are required to have at least one line item in one section for every Proposal.

To get started, you can choose from the following types of line items:

  • Add Custom (Custom line item)
  • Add Service (Custom Service/Fee)
  • Add Art (Add art files to the Proposal)
  • Add Product (Add products from your catalog in InkSoft)

Adding a Custom Line Item

Use the "Add Custom" option for a custom line item in your Proposal. This can be used for hard goods or finished products that you may not have in your InkSoft catalog.

For example: you may want to include a specialty item as part of the order, and you already have photography or custom images for the product that you want to upload. This option will allow you to supplement the Proposal with those types of items quickly and easily!

You can fill out a description for the line item, enter the cost, price, quantity and weight, and there is also an option to upload image(s) for the item:

Note: Remember that data output for Custom Line Items may be limited when it comes to Purchasing and Production, as the items were not configured in the InkSoft catalog.

Adding a Service or Fee

Use the "Add Service" option for a custom Service/Fee in your Proposal. Custom services/fees can be created on the spot when adding to your Proposal, or you can configure them beforehand in the Proposals Preferences. Click Here to learn more about Services/Fees and Preferences in Proposals.


Adding Art Files

Use the "Add Art" option to add art files to your Proposal. Recommended file formats will be SVG, PDF, and PNG. You can add art by itself to a Proposal if you are needing to send an Art Approval to a customer before adding products and pricing - but these same uploaded art files can then be used when you go to add those decorated products as well! The art files will essentially be stored in that specific Proposal so you can use them however you need.


Adding Products

Use the "Add Product" option to begin adding products from your InkSoft catalog to your Proposal. When you click on "Add Product", you will be taken to a page where you can browse from all of your blank products in InkSoft that are configured for decoration. You will also be able to choose from existing Pre-Decorated Products you've built before. You can scroll through your product list, and use the Search and/or Filters to find the product you need:


Choosing an existing pre-decorated product will prompt you to select the colors you want for that product, and you can choose the quantities for your sizes. You can then add those to the proposal, and the existing price and weight information will be pulled as well.

However, if you select a blank product from your catalog, you will be presented with 3 options after selecting the product colors:

  • Keep it Blank - will add the blank product and blank product price only.
  • Estimate Art Price - will add the blank product and blank product price, and it will allow you to estimate the print price as well.
  • Upload Art - will allow you to add art to the product to create an accurate mockup. You can then estimate the print price, and add the product to the Proposal. You will have the decorated product and the blank product price + print price in the Proposal.

With the "Upload Art" option, you will have the ability to decorate the blank product by using the Rapid Product Creator. This is the same great tool that is used in the online stores to create pre-decorated products quickly and easily! Click Here to learn more about the Rapid Product Creator and RPC Products.


You can then finish creating those mocked up products, choose your sizes and quantities, estimate the print price, and add them to your Proposal.

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