Product Add-Ons

Product Overlays

Designer Overlays is a feature that allows you to create unique print regions/areas.

This feature is perfect for all over printing, promotional items, or any products that have unique printable areas.

Getting Started

  • Start by opening the original product image in Photoshop.
  • Using the Magic Wand or the Quick Selector, select the area of the product that will be designable

Create Layer From Selection


Hide the Product Layer

  • Hide the original product layer so only the overlay is visible.

Add the Color Overlay

  • Select Color Overlay in the drop down menu.

Change the Overlay Color to Black

  • Click color box to bring up the Color Picker
  • Change the color to Black (#000000)
  • Select Ok once the color has been changed

Save the Overlay

  • Click File > Save for Web...

The Save for Web option will allow you to save and individual file of the image you created


Save the Overlay Cont.

When the Save for Web option window comes up make sure the following is set.

  • Save the image as a PNG-24
  • Transparency needs to be enabled
  • Keep the same demensions and size of the original image

Click Save when ready


Upload the Overlay

In the Edit Product screen, click the Print Regions tab


Upload the Overlay cont.

  • Click the Upload button under  "Design Overlays," and then select the overlay you created

Upload the Overlay cont.

  • Apply the overlay to the proper side
  • Click Save

Example in the Design Studio