Product Add-Ons

Commissionable Product ShopWorks

This feature allows you to tag products as commissionable items when exporting to the ShopWorks feed.

You are able to mark products as commissionable either individually or in bulk, we will review both methods below.

Navigating to the Shopworks tab for individual products

  • Hover over Products
  • Click on Manage Products
  • Use the appropriate filter to pull up your product
  • Click on the product SKU 
  • Click on the Advanced, navigating to the Shopworks sub-tab
  • Mark the product as Commissionable
  • Save changes

Marking Products as Commissionable in Bulk

  • Pull up the desired products using the appropriate filter within Manage Products.
  • Select the products you wish to mark as commissionable by checking the box next to 'SKU'. This allows you to select all products on the page, unchecking as needed. 
  • Choose from the 'Select Action' drop down to 'Set Shopworks Commissionable ON or OFF'

Exporting to Shopworks

  • Filter to the Order Products status in the Order Manager.
Note: Products must be in the Order Stage for the Shopworks feed option to display.
  • Select the orders you wish to Export to Shopworks either individually or by checking the bulk apply box.
  • Click on the 'Select Action' drop-down and locate the Shopworks Feed option, click 'Apply' to generate the file. 

The Shopworks Feed

  • We have included a sample of the file below for your reference.