Product Add-Ons

Add/Edit an Existing Size Chart

Size charts will allow your customers to see manufacturer specific sizing prior to purchase

Navigating to add a size chart

  • Hover over Products
  • Hover over Add New Product
  • Click on Supplier & Manufacturer

Edit Manufacturer to access size charts

  • Click on 'Select Filter Type'
  • Click on 'Edit Manufacturer' to pull up all manufacturer size charts.

Uploading Your Size Chart

  • You are able to upload one size chart per manufacturer. 
  • Pixel size can vary for size charts, but it should be a square (1000x1000 pixels works well). 
  • Click on the browse button to upload a new size chart
  • Clicking on the ruler to view any existing size charts. 
  • Save your changes
  • Repeat this process for all Manufacturer Brands/ Size Charts you wish to upload.

Click here to view a sample size chart

What if I don't have a Size Chart to upload? Click here to access size chart templates for download