Product Pricing

Pricing Rules

Up-charge your blank products

Pricing rules allow you to up-charge your blank products prior to the adding in print pricing. 

Pricing Formula: Blank Product + Print Price = Finished Price

When you add a product from a supplier it pulls over a supplier cost (the cost to you). You can up-charge your products based on your cost to give your customer a higher unity price. 

You can find your pricing rules by heading to Pricing > Product Pricing > Pricing Rules

Pricing Rule Selection:

% Markup on Product Quantity
% Markup on Product Cost (Most commonly used)
Margin on Product Quantity
Margin on Product Cost
$ Markup on Product Quantity
$ Markup on Product Cost

You can create as many pricing rules as you would like! Many clients set up different rules based on 

  • Categories (Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Bags, etc.) 
  • Suppliers (Alphabroder, Sanmar and S&S)
  • One rule for ALL products (100% Markup assigned to everything)

With each rule that you create, it will generate a Formula to let you know how it will calculate out. 

Example Rule: % Mark Up on Product Cost


Min and Max is the range of the cost to you:


NOTE: Pricing Rules are for your BLANK products

Let's Create Some Rules!

  • Click Pricing
  • Click Product Pricing
  • Click Pricing Rules
  • Click Create New Rule

Creating a Pricing Rule

  • Add Pricing Rule Name (i.e. Tshirts, Bags, Alphabroder, Sanmar etc.)
  • Pricing Rule Method (Select the formula you are looking to up-charge products)
  • Click + Icon to create your pricing breaks
  • Click Save

Pricing Rule Sample:


Assign Pricing Rules to Products