Payment Processors

PayPal PayFlow Pro

Set up PayPal PayFlow Payment Processing

Don't have an account with PayPal PayFlow Pro? Click here to create an account. 

IMPORTANT: PayPal has a ton of different accounts that are wrapped around the same name (i.e. Pro, PayFlow Pro with Access etc.)
You HAVE to have an account with PayPal PayFlow Pro in order to have integration. 

Retrieve PayPal PayFlow Pro Vendor ID and Partner ID

Upon account creation, you will receive and email confirmation from PayPal. This will include your Partner ID and Unique Vendor ID. 


PayPal Manager

Partner ID and Unique Vendor ID are both needed to log into your PayPal Manager


Enabling PayPal PayFlow Pro

  • Hover over Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click Payment Processors
  • Select Add New Processor dropdown
  • Select PayPal PayFlow Pro
  • Paste your Unique Vender ID, Partner ID and PayPal Password
  • Click Save Account

Enable PayPal PayFlow Pro

After saving your account.
Click Enable Payment Gateway


You should ALWAYS conduct a test transaction to ensure that your payment processor is properly configured.


You should now see some green text that says Enabled

*We recommend placing a test transaction on your store to make sure your Payment Processor is set up properly PRIOR to going live.*

Note: The payment gateway will not show up if you HAVE NOT enabled the SSL yet

Click to Configure SSL Settings