Payment Processors

BrainTree Payments

BrainTree Payments is a PayPal backed company.

Retrieve API Keys

To integrate your payment processor you will need your Public Key, Merchant ID, and Private Key.

  • Login to your BrainTree Account
  • Click Account (Top Right)
  • Select My User
  • Scroll down to Authorization
  • Click API Keys

Copy Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key and past into your admin portal (see below for further instructions.)

NOTE: if you do not see any API Keys, click Generate New

Paste API Keys into your Admin Portal

  • Hover over Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click Payment Processors
  • Select Add New Processor dropdown
  • Select Braintree Payments
  • Paste your Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key
  • Click Save Account

Enable BrainTree

After saving your account.

  • Click Enable Payment Gateway


You should now see some green text that says Enabled

*We recommend placing a test transaction on your store to make sure your Payment Processor is set up properly PRIOR to going live.*

Note: The payment gateway will not show up if you HAVE NOT enabled the SSL yet.

Continue to Configure SSL Settings