Orders (NEW)


Orders is your centralized location for managing your fulfillment.

Navigating to Orders

Navigate to Orders using the Global Navigation Drawer

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This is your order manager landing page, so to speak. There will be some actions, tasks and/or steps involved in getting an open order into a completed state.

You will be able to filter and sort your orders to efficiently manage the orders you need to fulfill.

Ready to Ship

Your orders are ready to be shipped out to your shoppers! You will have an easy and effective way to generate and print your shipping labels.

Ready for Pick Up

You can now easily differentiate between orders that need to be shipped out vs. picked up. Here you have the ability to see all orders that are waiting to be scooped up by your shoppers.

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Sorting & Filtering Orders

1. Use the Order View Select to view:

  • Open Orders
  • Completed Orders
  • Canceled Orders
  • All Orders

2. You have a specific order you need to find?

You have a Search Bar directly in the center of your workspace to help you search by a specific email, order number, or anything you may have; to find the order you are looking for. 

3. Filter Results gives you the power to drill down your results to be more specific in your search.

  • Store Select
  • Order Date Range
  • Ship/Pick Up Date Range
  • Order Type
  • Payment Status

4. After you have nailed down your criteria, sort your columns using the Sort Icon next to your column headings.

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Bulk Actions

Check boxes next to your orders to receive bulk actions:

  • Mark Orders as Ready to Ship or Pick Up
NOTE: This action allows you to override any open production card/job within the order and move it directly into a status of Ready to Ship or Ready for Pick Up. This action is needed if you are not using the Shop Management solution.
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Payment Status

You will see the payment status for each order within your CRM and Orders. You have a number of payment statuses that could be associated to your orders:

NOTE: Payment statuses are automated based on payment activity (i.e. if a shopper chooses arrange payment later, their order status would show 'Not Paid')
  • Paid
  • Not Paid
  • Partial Paid
  • Refund Due
  • Refunded
  • Past Due
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