Coupons & Discounts

Coupons & Discounts

Create Coupons/Discounts for your shoppers

Coupons and Discounts are great to use for Marketing Collateral. Create a Free Shipping coupon or a discount on a specific item to give your shoppers incentive to check out. 

Create New Coupon or Discount

  • Hover over Marketing
  • Click Coupons & Discounts
  • Select Create New


Enter in the Coupon/Discount's general information. Anything with an asterisk(*) is required.

NOTE: You can create an Automatic Discount AFTER creating your Coupon. You DO NOT need to have a Coupon Code to use this feature. 


Minimum and Maximum

Enter in minimums and maximums to apply to this specific discount.


Note: When using the Maximum Usage Per Customer the customer must create an account or have an existing account for the discount to work. This allows InkSoft to keep track of how many times each customer uses it. 

Instead of letting customer use it over and over when checking out as guest.

Apply To

Apply this discount to certain stores, a specific product or style of the product (i.e. G500, White), etc. 


Make sure to Save your Coupon and/or Discount after entering in your info.


Manage Coupons & Discounts

  • Active Discounts will show you all of your discount codes you have going
  • Inactive Discounts will show you the discounts you had in the past (You can always reactivate an inactive discount)
  • Automatically Apply Discount will allow your shopper to receive the discount with out having to enter a Coupon Code at Check Out. 

Example: 'Save 5% on all orders over $100' could automatically apply the 5% discount IF the shopper has more than $100 in their shopping cart.

Note: You can only select 1 coupon/discount to automatically apply to a store. This does not prevent other discounts from being used.

  • Discount Links will allow you to send out via email, add to banners or other linkable marketing efforts. The coupon will be automatically added when the user clicks or uses the link provided. 

Edit or Delete Discount

When you open Active or Inactive Discount Codes, you will be able to Edit the discount by clicking on the 'Edit Pencil'. To Delete, you will wan to click on the 'trashcan' icon. 

Good Practices: Setting your Coupons/Discounts as inactive rather than deleting will allow you to reuse an older Discount. This will cut down the time of having to recreate a new discount from scratch.