QuickBooks Online Integration

QB Online is Recommended by QuickBooks and InkSoft

Connecting QuickBooks Online to InkSoft

  • Hover over Settings
  • Hover over Advanced
  • Click QuickBooks

Connect to Quickbooks

If you don't already have a QuickBooks account you can start a Free 30 Day trial! 

Start your free trial today!

  • Click QuickBooks Online within Communication Method
  • Click Connect to QuickBooks

Sign In 

  • Enter your Email or User ID
  • Enter Password

NOTE: Once logged in you will receive authorization confirmation next to your Communication Method.



If you change your password or user ID you will want to make sure you come back to connect with QuickBooks. If you change something on QuickBooks, you want to change it on InkSoft as well. This will ensure strong connection. 

Align Chart of Accounts

You will want to make sure you are aligning with your Chart of Accounts on QuickBooks. 

I.e. I want my Inventory items/Products to go into my Cost of Good Sold Account on QuickBooks. 

  • Click Save

QuickBook Chart of Accounts

Unsure of where you can find your Chart of Accounts?

  • Login to your QuickBooks Account
  • Click Accounting
  • See Chart of Accounts

Note: In the Screenshot below you are seeing 'default' account names created by QuickBooks. 


Exporting to QuickBooks

  • Hover over Orders
  • Click Order Manager

Orders and Invoices can be exported once it has been approved.

(To Export to QuickBooks your Orders & Invoices must be within Order Stage, Receive Stage, Print Stage or Ship Stage.)


  • Filter to find the Orders you would like to export
  • Check the boxes next to the Orders
  • Select Action: Export to QuickBooks
  • Click Apply

You will receive a green Success Message stating that your orders/invoices have been exported successfully. 

Note: The most common error received is a 'Duplicate Customer Encountered' error. This just means that the name of the customer you've exported matches a name that already exists in QuickBooks. 

Simply edit the name within QuickBooks to resolve the issue.

Export to QuickBooks Example