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Apply Distress Using Adobe Illustrator CS6

Learn how to apply your distress file using Adobe Illustrator with this quick "How To" guide

Open your Artwork

  • Open the artwork that you downloaded from us

Bring in the Distress

  • In this example I just dragged the Distress file into Illustrator. Another option would be to use the Place option under the File menu

Resize the Distress to Fit the Canvas

  • In this example I used the sizing tabs around the image, but there are other ways you can accomplish this

Rasterize the Distress

  • From the Object menu select Rasterize

Options to Select when Rasterizing

  • You will want to select Bitmap in the Color Model dropdown, as well as the Transparent option under Background

Change the Fill Color to White

  • The Fill Color should show a "?" at this point, Click it so the Color Picker comes up and assign White(#FFFFFF)

Click Ok when done


Ready to Print

  • You might need to do some final touching up, but the art should be ready to print