Designer (NEW)

Create Designs & Decorate Products in the Designer

Learn how your customers will use the Designer's guided walkthrough to create designs and decorate products with ease

To access your blank products and the Designer, users will click on the "CREATE" link (or whichever custom name you have given your Designer link) either in the Header or the Footer of your store:

Note: Users can also get to the Designer by clicking on any number of store components you've configured to link to the Designer, like the Call To Action component in this example.

The Designer guided walkthrough

Once the user enters the Designer, they will immediately see your blank product catalog for that store. They can scroll through to see the products you have, and they can also Search and Filter to find the product they want. This is Step 1 of the Designer guided walkthrough.

Step 1: Select Product


When the user chooses a product, they will be able to see the Product Information on the right. The user can view this information while remaining in the blank product catalog, making it easy to choose a different product if the one they clicked on first is not the one they want:


Once the user has chosen their product and product color to start decorating on, they will click on DESIGN NOW to go to the next step, "Create". This will take them into the Designer itself.


Step 2: Create

Now the user can begin decorating their product! To select which side of the product and which design area on that side they want to decorate on, they can click on the "Change Product Side" link directly below the product image:

Note: The user can also get to this function by clicking on "Side" in the toolbar menu on the left.

If the user wants to change the product color or add additional colors to their product, they can make their selections at the bottom of the page:


Next, the user can navigate to the Create your design area. The user can begin decorating their product by choosing from these 3 options:

  • Upload Image - The user can upload a custom image or design.
  • Add Text - The user can add text to their product with the built-in Text function.
  • Add Art - The user can add artwork from the built-in InkSoft Art Libraries, or any custom artwork you have assigned to the store. They can also choose from an existing design they have previously saved.

If the user chooses "Add Art", then they will be able to browse from:

  • Design Ideas - Multi-layered design templates from the InkSoft Art Library. This may also include admin created Design Ideas.
  • Clip Art - Individual art layers from the InkSoft Art Library that can be added to Design Ideas, Text, or custom artwork. This may also include Clip Art uploaded by the admin.
  • My Saved Art - If the user is signed in with a User Account and they have previously created and saved their designs, they can choose from those as well.

The user will have some additional tools available on the left when designing:

  • Select All - Selects all current art and text.
  • Clear - Clears all current art and text.
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Zoom - Allows the user to zoom in to the design area for a closer view.

Once the user is happy with their design, they can choose to Share the design. They can also Save the design for later use. This will prompt them to sign in with a User Account, or register a new User Account if they don't already have one. They can then name their design and save it:


Step 3: Enter Quantity

If the user decides to proceed with their decorated product, they will click on the "NEXT STEP" button in the bottom-right corner. They will then be required to enter the quantities they want for the chosen colors of the decorated product. When finished, they will click on "GET PRICE":


The next screen will show the user a Price Summary for their decorated product and quantities. This is a way for the user to see a quoted price immediately after decoration. They can then choose to edit the quantities, or Buy Now if they wish to purchase:


Step 4: Checkout

The user will be asked to name and save their design again (or name and save it for the first time if they had not saved the design previously). They can then click on "ADD TO CART" to add those items to their shopping cart and continue to the next step.

The next screen will show that the items have been added to their cart, and they can View Cart or Continue Shopping. If the user wants to add more items to their cart, they can click Continue Shopping. This will take the user to the home page of your store.

If the user chooses to View Cart, then they will be able to review their Shopping Cart and all the items. When they are ready, they can click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and continue placing their order. The Designer experience is now complete!


Menu Navigation in the Designer

At any point while the user is within steps 1-3 of the Designer guided experience, they can click on the menu icon in the top-left corner to access a few different areas:

  • Home - Your store's home page.
  • Design Now - Takes the user to the first step in the Designer process.
  • Contact Us - Lets the user contact you via the store's Contact Us form.
  • My Account - If the user is signed in with a User Account, they can access their account details.
  • Cart - Lets the user jump directly to their Shopping Cart.
Note: The user can also click on the Store Logo to get to the store's home page.