Company Details

Manage company relationships and interactions to help generate a better relationship between you and your customers.

Navigating into the Company Details

  • Click on Companies on the top nav bar
  • Click Company Name to open details
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Company Information

On the left panel you will see your company details:

  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Phone
  • Discount
Company Details


You have the ability to associate a contact or multiple contacts to a Company or Organization.

NOTE: It's important to keep your contacts/companies clean to ensure accurate data. A tidy CRM will help make managing your business relationships easy!
  • Click the + Sign to add or create a new contact.
  • Click Contact Name to take you into the contacts details.
Contacts Associated Company

Address Book

You have a number of addresses that can be entered per a contact.

  • Click + Sign to add an address
  • Click Edit Pencil to change, edit or delete an existing address
Address Book Company


Tags are custom keywords to help you sort, filter and group your companies under a specific label.

Use Case: Tag "VIP" to all clients that you know are the most loyal of the bunch!

Tag Manager

Tag Manager gives you the ability to edit and/or delete your tags. If you don't have contacts or companies associated to a tag, you have the ability to purge the unused tags and create new ones.

Company Tags


Leave a high level note that everyone on your team needs to know about the company as a whole.

Example: Angular's main headquarters is located East Coast. ALWAYS call after 10a EST (7a MST)

Order History

Gives you a high level order summary made by multiple contacts within the company.


Changes made and comments added will automatically be documented to your Timeline. Timeline gives you accountability and insight into the activities happening with the company, anything from editing contact info to adding/removing a tag.

Leave a comment so that anyone that opens this company can see what you discussed.

Example: "Kevin called in and asked to add Steve Fuller as a contact."

IMPORTANT: Comments are internal ONLY. Contacts will not be notified via comments.

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