Blank Products in Stores

Including Blank Products in Stores to Promote Using the Designer

In order to display blank products, you must ensure that the blank product is assigned to the store from the Product Manager.


Please note: this does not give you the ability to sell blank products. It allows you to display them so that you can promote the Designer


Once your blank product(s) are assigned to your store, you will be free to display it in your stores. The areas in which you can display them include your Product Catalog and your Featured Product Component.

Product Catalog

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Featured Products Component

While you are logged in, go to your Style Editor. In your Featured Products Component, click on Manage Products to include your blank product on your storefront.

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Once you have your blank product visible in the store, you can select it to be given an option of DESIGN NOW. Your Designer must be turned on to get this option. If the Designer is turned off in the store, customers will be able to see product information for the blank product, but they won't be able to design or purchase.

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