InkSoft API

API Updates

API revisions being released on August 29th 2019.

On August 29, 2019 we will be updating a few API calls that could possibly affect your external website. Below is a list of calls that will be affected by this change. 

We suggest sharing this information with your developer so that they can make the proper revisions to ensure a seamless migration.

Your developer can update your API today, under - there they will have enough time to revise your code and test out the data prior to Aug. 29th release date. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

API2 Updates



    • Parameter: OrderId was removed and OrderIds is in its place. Making it support multiple orders. 
  • Returns: the order information has changed and will return an array or the OrderPackage instead of just a single OrderPackage.


  • PrintSetupCost and ItemNotes was removed and PrintSetupCharge and Notes are in its place. 


  • AllowCommerial was removed and now in place is AllowCommercial


  • Removed StatusDescription and Packages and now can use OrderStatus and Shipments


  • Changed Order to Orders, Designs to SimpleDesigns, and removed ShortCodes.


  • Changed Designs to SimpleDesigns.


  • Removed QuickQuote, ScreenPrinting, ShareDesignSendFromUserEmail, Social_AddThis, Social_Facebook, TeamNameAndNumbers, Templates, UploadRasterArt, UploadVectorArt


  • Removed Width & Height

ShoppingCartItem & OrderItem

  • PersonalizationValues was updated to an array, instead of a dictionary PersonalizationValue