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Understanding Transactions in InkSoft Embedded Payments

Learn to use your Transactions page to understand your finances.

To get started, click the Payments section in your Inksoft sidebar. Next, click the Deposits tab to the left of Preferences.

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From here, you can view and interact with every transaction in your InkSoft account. This includes:

  1. Processing and processed transactions
  2. Transaction details
  3. Refunding & voiding a transaction

Processing and processed transactions

InkSoft automatically displays both processing and processed transactions in the list view. The "Status" column can be used to determine if a transaction has finished processing or not. 

Please note: ACH (eCheck) payments can take longer to process, between three and five banking days.

The "Amount" column indicates the total gross value of the transaction, aka the sale amount. This does not take into account the value of any fees assessed on the transaction. To view the fees, you'll have to view the associated deposit. 

Please note: "processing" transactions won't have an associated deposit yet.

Transaction details

Clicking the blue hyperlink under the payment method in the "Description" column will bring up a detail card on the transaction in question.

The transaction details card contains a lot of the same information as the list view, in addition to the cardholder and billing information, the auth code, and a refund/void action.

Refunding & voiding a transaction

As stated above, the detail modal contains a refund/void action on all eligible transactions. Payments that are shown as "Processing" can only be voided, while Payments that are shown as "Processed" can be refunded. 

In layman's terms, a void is equivalent to a "cancel" on pending transactions.

Refunds that are still in a "Processing" state are unable to be voided from within Inksoft. If you issued a refund by mistake, reach out to your customer success or support rep to get help with this.

Click here to view Payment Transaction Response Codes