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Understanding Deposits in InkSoft Embedded Payments

Learn to use your Deposits page to understand your finances.

To get started, click the Payments section in your InkSoft sidebar. Next, click the Deposits tab to the left of Preferences.

From here, you can see all kinds of information about your deposits:

  1. Processing and processed deposits
  2. Deposit details
  3. Deposit stats
  4. Export CSV

Processing and processed deposits

InkSoft automatically lists all incoming deposits, as well as previously processed deposits. 

At a glance, you can see the value of any deposit, by looking at the “Deposit Amount” column, and the date of receipt by looking at the “Created Date” column. 

Incoming deposits will have a status of “Processing” and their estimated deposit date will be listed under the “Est. Deposit Date” column.

Because all of the processing functionality is embedded in InkSoft, you are also able to easily view the Net and Gross amounts of the deposit, in addition to the total value of fees incurred on a deposit.

Deposit details

To view the details of a specific deposit, click on the dollar amount in blue under the "Deposit Amount" column. The deposits details view allows you to:

  1. Banking details and timing
  2. Individual transactions makeup
  3. Transaction details

Banking details and timing

At the top of the deposit details view, we display general information about the deposit, including banking details, the timeline for the deposit, total values for Net, Gross, and Fees, and the estimated date that funds will be available in your bank account.

Some banking details are included here, such as the last 4 digits of the receiving bank account, the trace number for the deposit, and the deposit ID.

The trace number is like a tracking number used by banks. This can be provided to your bank to help identify a deposit. The deposit ID is an internal identifier used by InkSoft that can be provided to customer success or support to help identify a specific deposit.

Individual transactions makeup

Scrolling down on the page will reveal the list of transactions that makeup the deposit in question. The list is broken into a handful of columns to make it easier to identify individual transactions and help reconcile your finances.

Currently, this section is the only place to view the Gross, Net, and Fees associated with specific transactions. 

Transaction details

Clicking on the blue link under the "Transaction ID" column will bring up the specific details of a transaction.

Here, you can see the last four digits of the payment method used in checkout, the gross sale amount, the auth code for the transaction, the date of the transaction, the store/order where the transaction was made, and the billing information, including the cardholder name and address.

Deposit stats

Back on the Deposits list page there are three stats conveniently located at the top of the page:

  1. Processed Deposits (last 30 days)
  2. Next Deposit
  3. Pending

These three stats will help you understand not only the income you've accrued in the last 30 days, but also how much you can expect to receive in your next deposit, and how much money is currently pending a deposit batch.

The "Processed Deposits" card provides the total sum of net deposit amounts for the last 30 days. So this is an actual representation of the money that has hit your bank account in the last 30 days, since it is less any fees that were assessed. 

The "Next Deposit" card provides an estimate of the next deposit value, as well as the estimated date on which you'll receive the deposit. Note: we only deposit funds on valid banking days.

The "Pending" card provides a snapshot of funds that have not yet been batched into a deposit. In effect this is the sum of funds that will make into the next deposit after the one currently listed under the "Next Deposit" card. This number will grow or fall as you process or refund/void transactions, leading up to the creation of the next batch.

The batch for the next deposit is typically assessed at 9pm EST each banking day.

Export CSV

At the top of the Deposits list view, there is an option to download a CSV with all of the pertinent information about your deposits.

You can choose one of three options from this drop-down:

  1. Export Current Page
  2. Export All Data
  3. Export All Results

The "Export Current Page" option will only capture the entries currently listed on the page you're viewing. Depending on how you've set up your filters, this will either capture everything you're looking for, or it may chop off data that is on any subsequent page (page 2, 3, etc). Use this option only if you know what you're looking for.

The "Export All Data" option will download deposit data about all listings available, regardless of filters or pages.

The "Export All Results" option will download deposit data about all listings available with respect to the filters that are currently in place. In other words, this will download the entire filtered dataset.