Rocking Promo Sales with Bill Petrie of PromoCorner

Promo products are a great way to increase sales for your shop and bring more value to your customers. Learn to rock your promo sales today.

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Rocking Promo Sales

Customers these days want a one-stop shop to get everything they are looking for at once.


Promo Product Expert Bill Petrie of PromoCorner

Promotional items are easy add-on purchases that complete the sales lifecycle for an event.

Bill Petrie is a man who knows all about promotional products, as he has been a leading executive at promotional products distributorships for 17 years.

In 2014, Bill started Brandivate, the first executive outsourcing and consulting company focused solely on helping small and medium size promotional product enterprises responsibly grow their business.

Three years later, Brandivate was acquired by PromoCorner, the leading digital marketing services provider to the promotional products industry. Bill now serves as President of PromoCorner along with regularly speaking at both national and international industry events.

In his free time, Bill also serves as a Promo Kitchen Chef.

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