Next Level Thinking with Adam Walterscheid

Learn how you can get creative with your products and shop management to create value for your customers.

Next Level Thinking

Getting creative with your product can be a great way to get out of the “race to the bottom,” low-cost mentality many shops have.

As we learned last episode with Mark Coudray, focusing on selling the value you bring to a customer will increase the customer lifetime value and keep them coming back.


One man who is constantly thinking of ways to improve the value proposition he brings to his customers is Adam Walterscheid of YourCo.

Whether through his unique product line that focuses on the highest customization, lowest quantities, and quickest turns, or in his management philosophy,  Adam is constantly using data as the basis of measurement for his shop.

This week, Marshall sits down with Adam to talk about this very subject.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About the YourCo. brand and how its products “make the closet, not the drawer”
  • Adam’s approach to problem-solving, and the importance of measuring and tracking data
  • The “ISO” mentality for shop management and leadership
  • Adam’s journey to where he has gotten today.

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