Simulated Process Magic with Nancy Ortiz of chromaseps

Improve the way your shop handles color separations by taking some advice from the guru herself, Nancy Ortiz.

Episode 012 of InkSoft’s The BIG Idea hosted by Marshall Atkinson is now live, and it’s a must listen for anyone who wants to know more about color separation and simulated process!

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Back to what is in store for this week…

Simulated Process Magic

Whether you do color separations manually in-house, outsource to someone, or use an automated software, every shop could use some tips and pointers to improve.


Nancy Ortiz

No one is better to learn from than the guru herself, Nancy Ortiz of chromaseps.

Nancy is one of the top apparel designers and separators working today and has perfected separating simulated process files for apparel.

After a 5-year apprenticeship as a color artist in lithography, where she acquired an in-depth understanding of four color process, Nancy decided to branch out and do freelance work as an illustrator.

It was here Nancy grew frustrated that some of the awesome art she made wasn’t being printed as well as she expected. Thus she began a quest to understand textile screen printing and become the expert she is today.

In her free time, Nancy loves to swim, fish, go scalloping or just relax at the beach.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Nancy creates and builds her separations
  • Why the mantra of “Consistency Breeds Predictability” is the key to getting things right
  • The drawbacks and limitations of automatic separation software
  • Why you don’t need 8+ colors to have a great image
  • The importance of setting customer expectations so you don’t have to deal with dissatisfied customers

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