Inventing the Future with Geoff McCue

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Inventing the Future


Today, Marshall sits down with Geoff McCue, an industry veteran of 27 years and inventor. Geoff has vast technical experience and provides a unique perspective because of his background in topography, printing, sales, marketing, and production management.

His extensive bio begins with creating the first digital screen making system, which was later marketed as the Gerber Screenjet, and patented in 1992. This invention dubbed Geoff the “Father of Computer Screen Systems.”

Geoff has also been a columnist for Screen Printing Magazine, on the SGIA education committee, and recently retired from Kiwo, a leading manufacturer of chemical products for screen making and specialty adhesives.

Geoff stresses the importance of reducing waste in the production process, and his newest idea for emulsion tape, which will change the way screens are reclaimed. It should hit the market sometime next year, before the next SGIA show.

Give this episode a listen and you’ll learn:

  • The attributes of leading shops in the industry that you need to be emulating
  • The status Geoff’s projects, and when you’ll be able to use them in your shop
  • How you can take advantage of things that are commonly overlooked by your competitors
  • How your shop can continue to compete as the industry evolves

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