Critical Business Review with Greg Kitson of Mindseye Graphics

Learn how to critically think about your business to improve three critical aspects of your shop – pricing, operations, and growth.

Check out episode 009 of The BIG Idea podcast brought to you by InkSoft.

This week we hear from Greg Kitson of Mindseye Graphics to learn how to run a better shop, price for profit, and take your business to the next level.


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Back to what is in store for this week…

Critical Business Review

When’s the last time you did a thorough review of your business…

No matter if you are just getting your business off the ground, or have been operating for decades, we all can benefit from thinking critically about ways to improve.

As Allen Iverson once said:

“when you’re not practicing, someone else is getting better”

The same can be said about your shop. If you’re not taking the time to examine how you operate and looking for ways to improve, someone else will come along and not only do it better but maybe even win over some of your customers.


This week Marshall sits down with Greg Kitson of Mindseye Graphics to review strategies for improving three critical aspects of your shop – pricing, operations, and growth.

Greg, a veteran of the screen-printing industry for over 40 years, was inducted into the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technology of the SGIA for his educational contributions to the industry.

In addition to being a leading mid-west contract screen printer, Mind’s Eye Graphics offers industry-specific PROScreen technical training & PROFITcycle business consulting at their 22,000 sq. ft. Indiana production facility. 

In this episode you’ll learn:
The danger of using other people’s price lists

  • How focus marketing efforts on the customers who bring you value
  • Why technology has made screen printing an “amazing combination of a craft and a science”
  • Greg’s method for holding employees accountable

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