Controlling Variables with Rick Davis of RKD Consulting

Want to be able to push more product out of your shop on a daily basis? Learn how you can reduce uncertainty in your shop to do just this!

The final episode of 2017 is here.

The thirteenth episode of InkSoft’s The BIG Idea hosted by Marshall Atkinson is now available for all of you eager to learn about how controlling variables can reduce uncertainty in a shop.

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Controlling Variables


Rick Davis of RKD Consulting

Every shop can use some pointers on how to solve the daily headaches that come with printing. There is no better man to learn from than 40-year veteran and “go-to-guy” for solving shop technical problems, Rick Davis of RKD Consulting.

Rick, a fixture of the trade show circuit, has the practical experience of running shops efficiently and is a recognized expert in best practices for shops in production.

With a background ranging from garment manufacturing, plastisol manufacturing, plant management, quality control, process control, and consulting, Rick’s advice will be sure to help any type of shop.

Take a listen this week to learn:

  • The #1 trait that all the best shops have in common
  • Tips to push more jobs through your shop daily
  • Rick’s favorite t-shirt blank and specialty ink to print with
  • The question that Rick has been waiting years to ask Marshall about how he reduces waste in his shop

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