Store Policies

Keep your customers informed by providing easy-to-understand store policies. This can be accessed from Store Admin > Store Settings > Store Policies.

About Store Policies

Store policies allow you to establish trust and confidence in shoppers and communicate details concerning product returns, information privacy, and delivery expectations. They are also required by certain state laws. 

TipThe more details you provide your customers here, the less likely they will be calling you!

How to use Store Policies 

You have four areas to determine Store Policies for. We have provided some generic language to get you started! While you can leave the settings set to “Generic,” it is possible to add your own terms to fit your business. You can select “Custom” and write or paste in any policies and terms that your customers should know about.

  • Terms of Use: Rules your customers must follow with regards to purchases made on your site. This can also be a disclaimer to your customers of certain policies.
  • Privacy Policy: Discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client's privacy.
  • Thank you Message: A general thank you to customers for their purchase. This may also include your business contact information, in case they have questions regarding their order. The 'thank you message' will appear after customers confirm and place their order.
  • Packing Slip Footer: A message that displays at the bottom of the packing slip. This might be a "thank you", provide contact information, or reiterate your return policy.

View & Edit Policies

Changing Policies

Change the dropdown menu from Generic to Custom, a modal will pop up for you to adjust the generic terms we provided. Here you can copy/paste the content you might already have drafted, or you can simply type in any new language you wish to add. Standard tools have been provided in this text box such as Bold, Italic, Hyperlink, Indent, Bullets and Numbering, etc...

You can 'Delete', 'Cancel' the action you started, or 'Save as Custom' when finished. Repeat steps for all Store Policies if you wish to make changes.