Store Branding

Branding is key. Add a store logo and icon. This can be adjusted at any time from Store Admin > Store Settings > Store Branding.


Upload Logo

In this step, you'll upload a logo/graphic to represent the store. Following the specifications listed in this setup screen, click the "Upload Logo" button to browse images saved on your computer and select the Logo choice for your new Store.

Pro Tip: A vector .SVG file is the recommended format. The resolution will be perfect on Retina / high-resolution displays.  

For Best Results throughout the system, use the following dimensions:

Width: 48px-250px

Height: Max height 100px

Upload Icon 

This is optional. The store icon (known as a favicon), is a square version of your logo, with a minimum size of 128px by 128px. This will be visible in browser tabs and show when a customer bookmarks the page in a phone or tablet.