Store Builder Steps and Settings

Step 5: Designer

Add the Designer to your Store

Turning the Designer on

Select "Yes" to turn the Designer on and select "Next" to navigate to the Designer settings. If you don't want to do this during the initial store setup, you can select "No" and add the Designer at a later time.


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Designer Settings

Set up what your customers can see and do in the Designer by using the toggles to turn the different features "On" or "Off".  This includes:

  • Reveal Blank Pricing in Catalog: Show the single unit price (without printing) in your catalog.
  • Require Approval for Designer Orders: Enabling this setting will require orders from this store that contain a custom designed product to be approved by a member of your team. Production cards and purchasing cards will not be created until the order is approved.
  • Distressed Files: Allow your customers to add a distress layer to their design.
  • Share Design: Allow your customers to share their design via social media or email.
  • Enforce Boundaries: When enabled, the layers of the design cannot exceed the print region of the product.
  • Design Ideas: Allow your customers to access the Designs you have assigned to this store.
  • Clip Art: Allow your customers to access the Clip Art you have assigned to this store.
  • Upload Art: Allow your customers to upload their own artwork.
  • Upload Vector Only: When enabled, only vector files can be uploaded.