Social Media

It’s time to get social. Link social media channels you want to display as icons in the store footer. This can be accessed from Store Admin > Store Settings > Social Media.

Display Social Share Buttons

When turned on, this will give customers an option to easily share your site on their personal social media. 



Display Your Social Media Links

You can link any Social Media channels to your store. The links will display as icons at the bottom of your web page in the 'footer'. When customers click on the icon, they will be automatically redirected to the social media sites in a new browser tab. 

If you type in one field and click into the next field, the "/" will be automatically added for you. So all you need to type in, for example, is "inksoft" or the name of your social media channel. This is shown in the image below, Facebook was entered before the last save, Instagram was entered after the last save.

If you do not have an account with one or more of the social media options listed, you are not required to fill in this space. You can always add and edit this later.