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Signing Up for Embedded Payments in InkSoft

Signing up for embedded payments is quick and easy. Just follow this five step guide to get your application submitted.

Congratulations on deciding to sign up for InkSoft embedded payments! To get started, click the Payments section in your InkSoft sidebar. This should take you to the Payment Preferences page in InkSoft.

Once on this page, click “Setup Payments” to go to the embedded payments application. The application is broken into five steps: 

  1. Business Details
  2. User Account Details
  3. Business Owners
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Review & Submit

Step 1: Business Details

The first step of the application entails the collection of business details. You’ll need to provide information about your business name, type, tax ID, website, email, address, etc. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, required fields are denoted by the red asterisk. You will not be able to submit the application without all of the required fields.

Once you are ready to proceed, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: User Account Details

The second step of the application entails setting up the user account you’ll use to sign into the Payments Portal. The Payments Portal is the backend interface with our embedded payments platform that allows you to run reports, handle disputes, and view transaction history in detail.

Please note: this is separate from your InkSoft login, and should be kept private due to the sensitive nature of the information available in the Portal.

Please ensure you set a username/password that you’ll remember, or use a password manager. Username must be all lowercase.

Once you are ready to proceed, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Business Owners

The third step of the application entails the collection of business owner information. This section of the application complies with the Financial Crimes Enforcement laws on the disclosure of personal information of the business owner. This is needed to help combat funding of terrorism, money laundering, and other practices.

You will have to add any owners who own at least 25% of the business. Please ensure you add all required fields for each owner, as this is a commonly missed step.

Once you are ready to proceed, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Bank Account Details

The fourth step of the application entails the collection of banking details. Your bank account must be collected in order to process your deposits to your account. There are two options available for linking a bank account:

  1. Plaid
  2. Manual link

Plaid is a widely used, secure, and trusted third party service that handles the validation and linking of bank accounts. By using Plaid, you will minimize any banking errors in your application, since Plaid is able to validate that the account you are entering exists.

Since Plaid doesn’t have agreements with all banks, there’s a chance that your bank is unsupported through Plaid. If this is the case, simply click the link in “Click here to link your bank account manually” located at the bottom of the fourth step.

This is also a secure method of linking your bank account, but it is unable to validate the existence of the account, so please be sure to enter your information accurately.

Step 5: Review & Submit

On the final step, you will be able to review all of the information you’ve entered in the application. Please review your business details, user account details, business owners, and bank account before submitting. 

Please note that any sections marked with a red box reading “Invalid Fields” must be addressed and completed prior to submission. You will be unable to submit until all errors in the application have been resolved. To return to a section with an error, click the “Edit” button on the section.

At the bottom of the final step of the application, you can view the transaction fees, dispute fees, and international surcharge that will be applied to your merchant account. If something looks incorrect here, please reach out to customer success.

You will have to agree to all of the terms and conditions and disclosures prior to submission. Once you are ready, click “Submit Application.” Your application will be processed in the background, and you can check back on the Payment Preferences page to see if it has been approved.