ShipStation Integration (Core Only)

Learn how to set up ShipStation integration with the new Order Manager

InkSoft is now fully integrated with ShipStation! ShipStation is the leading web-based shipping software that helps online retailers streamline their order fulfillment, wherever they sell and however they ship. With the new integration, InkSoft orders that are marked as "Ready To Ship" will automatically show up in ShipStation. This is a big deal for high volume InkSoft customers!
For more information and to try ShipStation for free, visit Keep in mind that when you get a full ShipStation account, you will also get a account. This will make the integration even easier if you use that service. 

NOTE: ShipStation has made this process incredibly easy through their system. it is important to know that the vast majority of the integration takes place in your ShipStation account. 
Step 1: To get started, Log In to your ShipStation account
Step 2: Click the account settings icon in the top right part of the page
Step 3: Head to the Import Orders section on this page and click on Selling Channels
Step 4: Click on the "Connect a Store or Marketplace" button
Step 5: Browse or Search for InkSoft
Step 6: Select InkSoft, and enter your InkSoft Username, Password and Publisher ID to securely authenticate your account.
NOTE: Your Publisher ID can be found in the bottom-left corner of the screen in the Admin Portal when you are logged in to your InkSoft account:

InkSoft Dashboard 2019-07-02 07-52-47

Step 7: Once you've entered all of the information, click Connect


Step 8: You can give your new store a specific name here in ShipStation, and begin configuring the rest of the settings for the store setup. 

For more information on the store setup and editing the store settings in ShipStation, Click Here.




Viewing and Working on InkSoft Orders in ShipStation


Once you've connected your InkSoft account, any InkSoft orders that are marked as Ready To Ship will automatically be imported and show up in ShipStation. There are no additional actions that you need to take to have the data transmitted!

Additionally, new orders that move to Ready To Ship in InkSoft will also move over to ShipStation from here on out.

NOTE: You will be able to see Ready To Ship orders in ShipStation that are up to 90 days old.



Shipping labels can either be created in InkSoft, or in the ShipStation account. To view your orders and begin working on them here in ShipStation, click the Orders link in the top navigation bar:




From here you can see the stores or accounts you have on the left, and how many orders you currently have from each one. 

Click on an order to immediately see shipping details on the right. You can begin recording the package and printing your label. If you click on the InkSoft order number you can see the full details for that order:




To create a label, choose your shipping service, package type, package dimensions (if applicable), and any other shipping options you need. Click Create Label when ready:




On the next screen, you can review your shipping info and Add Additional Funds if needed. When ready, you can click on Add Funds and Create Label (you can also Create a test label):




The final step is to choose to print your label via ShipStation Connect, Preview the label in your Browser, or Download a PDF. There is also an option for printing via Google Cloud Print:



NOTE: You can print both a shipping label and a packing slip in ShipStation!


Orders that you've shipped will show in the Shipped section of ShipStation:




NOTE: If the label was created in ShipStation, the Tracking email will be sent to your customer via ShipStation.

View Shipped Orders in the Order Manager in InkSoft


Once you have created a shipping label in ShipStation for your orders, those orders will automatically move to "Completed Orders" back in the InkSoft Order Manager.

Under All Orders in the Order Manager, filter from "Open Order" to "Completed Orders". Click on the order number to view the details.

You will be able to see the shipping details and the Label Purchased in ShipStation:




You can also see this information in the order Timeline: