Shipping Methods

Do you want to add shipping methods to this store? This can be accessed from Store Admin > Store Settings > Shipping Methods.

Note: Here you can choose shipping methods that you've already configured. If you wish to create a new shipping option, go to Admin Portal > Settings > Shopping Cart Settings > Shipping and create additional methods there.

  • Click the 'Add Shipping Methods' button if you want to add one or more Shipping Methods in addition to your 'active' defaults. 

    Pro Tip: USPS First Class Mail is the most commonly used Shipping Method, however, if you're using Real-Time-Rates shipping, First Class Mail will be restricted to packages that weigh 13oz or less. It is recommended to always offer another method alongside First Class Mail, such as USPS Priority Mail or UPS/FedEx Ground. 
  • Select any Shipping Methods you want to offer to customers on this Store.
  • Click 'Apply' to finish adding the Shipping Method(s).


  • Drag and drop the shipping methods to set the order that they appear to customers during checkout.