UPS Full Price Control

Price flexibility along with access to print shipping labels

Note: For integrated shipping, you will need UPS account number, Access Key and account login information

To find your Access Key and Account Number Click Here.

Setting up UPS

To get to your Shipping Settings click on:

  • Hover over Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click on Shipping

To add UPS as a shipping account:

  • Click on the drop down "Select Shipping Account" - Select UPS
  • Active: Check Yes to make this shipping option available in the shopping cart
  • Sort Order: Here you can choose the order in which shoppers will see your shipping carriers and methods available (Example: you can make Pick-up display first, UPS as the second options etc...)
  • Full Price Control: Allows you to print your shipping labels via the order manager using your UPS Account credentials. Along with price flexibility! 
  • Automated Integration: Allows you to pull real time pricing for shipping to your shoppers. Are you looking for real time rates shipping? Click Here.
  • Click Save

Account credentials you need: 

  • UPS Account Number
  • UPS Access Key
  • UPS Account Username
  • UPS Account Password

Additional Information

  • Split Large Shipments: This will allow you to create multiple packages once a maximum weight becomes present
  • Label Format: Select one of the files for your printable shipping labels GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, EPL2, SPL, ZPL, and STAR

Creating a Shipping Method with Full Price Control

  • Click UPS Accordion 
  • Click Shipping Method
  • Click Add New Shipping Method

Fill out the following information (Below is the most important information needed for this method to be active for your shoppers):

  • Name: The name of the new shipping method (example: to school name)
  • Production Time: Number of days required to process orders
  • Days In Transit Min: The minimum number of days required to transport the shipment
  • Days In Transit Max: The maximum number of days required to transport the shipment

Note: Process days added to the min/max shipping time will be the estimated shipping time (business days).Ex. 7 process days and a Min Transit of 3, Max Transit of 5, would give an estimated shipping time of 10-15 days.

  • Active: Allow customers to use this Shipping Method
  • Sort Order: The order this shipping option will show up in the shipping list on the cart

Note: Most business owners choose to display shipping methods in order of least to most expensive.

  • Stores: Assign this shipping method exclusively to any single store or all stores
  • Permitted Shipping Destinations: The first 4 are allowances. You are allowing to ship to unknown addresses, residential addresses, commercial addresses and PO boxes (recommended to have all 4 checked)
  • Click Save

Update Pricing

After saving your method details:

  • Click Shipping Method
  • Click $ icon to configure pricing
  • Here you can enter pricing breaks for the selected calculation method (weight, Item total, or item count) Example below: 

0.0LBS -- 4.9LBS = $5.00
5.0LBS -- 9.9LBS = $7.50
10.0LBS -- & above  = $12.00

Note: There cannot be any conflicts between ranges.

  • Plus Sign (+): This will allow you to add another break to your shipping price
  • Click Save

Successfully Created a Shipping Method

After you create your shipping method(s), it will appear as seen below. To manage the newly created method(s):

  • Click the Method Name to edit (opens up the settings/form as seen above).
  • Click $ Icon to edit your pricing structure
  • Click Trash Can to delete a method