Custom Shipping Method

Allows you to create your own method for custom shipping (i.e. at High School, from Owner, at Gym, to Business)

Create a Custom Shipping Method (Optional)

Now that you have the Custom Shipping Account out of the way. Let's create a specific method for your shoppers to choose from. 

  • Click on the Account you want to open (i.e. Local Pick Up)
  • Click Shipping Method
  • Click Add New Shipping Method

Note: You will receive an error message stating that "No shipping methods have been configured yet..." - This will remove upon method creation.



Create Custom Shipping Method Continued

Fill out the following information to create the shipping method.

  • Name: The name of the new shipping method (example: to school name)
  • Store: Assign this shipping method exclusively to any single store or all stores
  • Description (Optional): Internal description - Only you and other admins will see
  • Calculation: Pricing based on weight, item total, or by item count 
  • Production Time: Number of days required to process orders 
  • RUSH Markup %: A percentage (%) markup applied to each item shipped 
  • Days In Transit Min: The minimum number of days required to transport the shipment
  • Days In Transit Max: The maximum number of days required to transport the shipment
  • No Discounts: Do not allow for the shipping price to be discounted
  • No Shipping Address: Do not ask for a shipping address in the Shopping Cart (recommended for Pick-up options only)
  • Shipping Restrictions: The first 4 are allowances. You are allowing to ship to unknown addresses, residential addresses, commercial addresses and PO boxes (recommended to have all 4 checked)
  • Active: Allow customers to use this Shipping Method
  • Sort Order: The order this shipping option will show up in the shipping list on the cart
  • Shipping Price: Enter a number in for your price (We will update this below)

Click Save



Update Pricing

After saving your method details:

  • Click Shipping Method
  • Click $ icon to configure pricing
  • Here you can enter pricing breaks for the selected calculation method (weight, Item total, or item count) Example below:

    0.0LBS -- 4.9LBS = $5.00
    5.0LBS -- 9.9LBS = $7.50
    10.0LBS -- & above  = $12.00

Note: There cannot be any conflicts between ranges.

  • Plus Sign (+): This will allow you to add another break to your shipping price
  • Click Save


Store Override Schedule (Optional)

This will allow you to make custom pricing for a specific store
(Optional because you can price this method for all stores)

  • Click Add New Store Override Schedule
  • Select the Store from the dropdown
  • Enter a starting value -- this can be adjusted later
  • Click Save


Update Pricing

Once the override has been saved you can now edit your pricing as seen below

  • Click Store Name
  • Add Price Breaks
  • Click Save