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Install Purchased SSL Certificate

Install & configure a Purchased SSL Certificate

If you have decided to purchase an SSL certificate for your InkSoft store(s), then you will HAVE to purchase your certificate within your admin portal of InkSoft.

InkSoft does not install or process third party SSL providers

Looking for a Free & Easy Option? Click below to configure the Free SSL.

Configure Free SSL

Site Security/ SSL Settings

  • Hover Over Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click on Site Security/SSL Settings

SSL Certificates

  • Click SSL Certificates
  • Click Create New SSL Certificate Request


New SSL Certificate Request

  • Basic SSL for Single Domain (*Most Popular)
  • Premium SSL for Multi Domains, Wildcards and Extended Validation

Through each selection you will see the different vendors and certificates we have to offer: 


NOTE: You can always return to the original page by selecting 'Back.'

Purchasing SSL Certificate

After filtering through and finding the best certificate that fits your business, you will be guided though a 9 step SSL Certificate purchasing process. 

Please make sure the information you are entering is accurate. 

NOTE: Your information will always be saved if you leave and return back at a later time - however, you will need all 9 steps completed prior to purchase. You can see your progress on the right side of your Certificate Request.



Submit Certificate Request

Your SSL Certificate submission can take up to 72 hours to process. You will receive a number of Emails upon submitting your certificate:

  • Once your SSL has been processed, you will receive a Confirmation Email from the Certificate Authority Vendor you purchased from (i.e. Rapid, GeoTrust, Comodo, etc.) 
  • A Verification Email will be sent from your Vendor as well. Please make sure to complete any required actions, such as, clicking verification links (Each provider will have different requirements)
  • You will receive a final Order Complete Email with your certificate code 

(This code will need to be copied & pasted into your Admin Portal (See Below))



  • Lastly, you will receive a Confirmation Email from InkSoft giving you specific instructions on pointing/configuring your new CName OR A Record.

NOTE: You will need to point this on your domain providers side. This can take up to 48 - 72 hours to propagate.

Install Certificate

  • Hover Over Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click Site Security/SSL Settings
  • Click SSL Certificates 
  • Click the Magnifying Glass next to the domain
  • Click Install Certificate
  • Paste code from Order Complete Email into Web Server Certificate
  • Click Install Certificate

SSL Configuration 

After Installing your SSL Certificate you will be able to choose between using a Shared or Custom SSL Certificate per each store.



Please contact Support if you need help or have any questions regarding an SSL Certificate. We'll be happy to assist any way we can!