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Install Free SSL Certificate

Use Let's Encrypt to Install your Free SSL Certificate

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. We linked up with them to give you a free and easy certificate installation process! 

Make sure your domain is entered and pointed to InkSoft servers prior to submitting SSL request. Need some help??

Point & Assign Domain

About the SSL Certificate

Let's Encrypt will secure a single custom domain name through this certificate. 

This can be an umbrella to other stores that you create in the future, as long as, the secondary store DOES NOT have a custom domain. 


Single domain: https://www.customshirtsnow.com

Single domain with additional Stores created (Umbrella Affect)

Site Security/ SSL Settings
  • Hover Over Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click on Site Security/SSL Settings


SSL Certificates
  • Click SSL Certificates
  • Click Create New SSL Certificate Request


New SSL Certificate Request
  • Click Basic (Basic SSL for Single Domain *Most Popular!)


Let's Encrypt Web Server Certificate
  • Click FREE


Certificate Request

Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement

  • Click I Agree


Certificate Details

  • Select your Approver Email

NOTE: This is the email address that will receive confirmation and notifications about your SSL. 

**Whomever is logged into the admin portal & requesting the SSL Certificate will see their login email under Approver Email.

  • Enter Domain Name
  • Click Next


Submit Certificate Request

This is your final chance to make sure everything you just entered is accurate prior to submitting your Certificate Signing Request. If there is anything incorrect you will have to cancel this and request another certificate.

Note: Steps 3 through 8 will be auto filled for you. 

  • Click Submit Request


Cancel Certificate

If you made a mistake and need to cancel your certificate: 

  • Click Cancel Certificate next to Order Status



You will receive an order confirmation email with the following steps you will need to take in order to finish the install of your SSL Certificate. 

  • You will receive information to Update your DNS Record
  • Once you update your DNS Record through your domain provider. You will want to click the link that is provided to enable your SSL Certificate for your store(s)

Note: Your domain provider may take up to 72 hours to update your record changes.



Install Certificate: DONE! 

Your SSL Certificate is configured and ready to go!



SSL Configuration

To assign your SSL to your store:

  • Click Site Security/SSL Settings on your left navigational bar


  • Click SSL Configuration
  • Select Custom SSL for your store


Important To Know

Your SSL Certificate will automatically renew every 90 days for you!

There is a limit of 20 SSL Certificates per registered domain, per 7 days. Meaning you can only request up to 20 SSL Certificates that use the same domain every 7 days (i.e. subdomains - shop.domain.com, design.domain.com etc.) Once you pass the 7 day time frame you will be able to create another 20 certificates.  

EG: Let's Encrypt uses a sliding window, so you can request 10 certificates on Monday and 10 more certificates on Friday. You will then be able to request another 10 certificates starting the following Monday and the other 10 on Friday. 

NOTE: There is a limitation of 5 failed validations per account, per domain, per hour.

Have multiple domains??
You can request as many Free SSL Certificates as you would like!