Shopping Cart Settings

Product Options/Add Ons

How to set up product add ons at checkout in your Web Stores

In your Webstores, you have the ability to add in product add ons and customization at check out.  This can be anything from a soft hand print up-charge to additional customization (glitter prints, bag and tag fees, gift wrapping etc.).

Please Note: These add-ons are available for Web Stores only. 

Navigating to Product Add-Ons

  • Hover over 'Settings'
  • Click on 'Cart Settings' > 'Shopping Cart Settings'
  • Click on 'Product Options/Add Ons'

Product Add-Ons

Fill out the options listed below for each add-on:

  • Name
  • Sort: Choose the sort order. This is the order in which add-on items will display.
  • Cost: Cost of add-on item/product.
  • Price: Price of add-on item/product.
  • Stores: Select the store(s) that the add-on will be available for.
  • Products: Select the product(s) that the add-on will be available for. If no product(s) are select then the add-on will be available for ALL products.
  • Description: Short description of the add-on item.
  • Save