Shopping Cart Settings

Cart Settings

Cart Settings can be changed and adjusted for each Webstore you create to create a customized checkout.

The Cart Settings section allows you to decide what features you would like to have turned on for your customers shopping cart experience.

Note: These settings apply to Webstores only, new stores checkout settings are managed from the storefront.

Getting Started

To get to your Cart Settings:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Shopping Cart Settings
  • Click Cart Settings
  • Filter: Store (to configure the cart settings for selected store)
  • Click Apply


Shopping Cart Settings:

Payment Mode: There are 3 options for payment:

  • Optional: Allows your shoppers to either pay with a credit card OR checkout using 'arrange payment later'.
  • Required: Requires credit card payment to checkout.
  • Disabled: Does not prompt for Payment; no payment will be taken.
Additional Settings: 
  • Shipping Address & Method: 'Required' forces shoppers to enter in their Shipping Address when selecting a shipping method.
  • Billing Address: 'Required' forces shoppers to enter their billing address.
  • Quick Checkout: Will give your shopper a drop down taking them to the shopping cart OR they will be able to remain on the product page to continue shopping.
  • Checkout From Designer: Allows shoppers to checkout directly from the Design Studio cart. This is an important setting for 'embedding' the Design Studio into a third party website. 
  • Display Design on Other Items: Showcases the shoppers design on other items in the cart without them re-entering the design studio.
  • Gift Message: Allows the shopper to add a personalized gift message in the cart. This message will be added to the order's packing slip automatically.
  • Address Book: Allows storage/access of users entered addresses.
  • Address Verification: Validates the shoppers address using UPS/FEDEX/USPS delivery verification. Will prompt your shopper to verify address IF there is suggested correction.
  • Names & Numbers: Allows for shopper to configure a roster of names and numbers within the cart.
  • Round to 49¢ & 99¢: Rounds products to the nearest 49¢ & 99¢ dollar amount.
  • Apply Qty Discount To Printing: Will apply the quantity discount to the print price and product price, usually the product price is the only discounted amount. 
  • Accept Gift Certificate: Allows for purchased and admin created gift certificates to be used in the cart.
  • Accept PO's From ANY Customer: Allows any shopper in the store to checkout by using a purchase order (not recommended).
  • PO Attachments: Allows you to enforce an PO attachment within the shopping cart.
  • Click Save.