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Site Speed

How to set up and manage your Site Speed and Content Delivery Network for Web Stores

You have two options to assist with site speed through Inksoft for your Webstores (new Stores will not be listed here as they do not cache in the admin portal).  

You have the ability to set up and configure your Site Speed and also the Content Delivery Network, which provides a more direct connection to the Inksoft servers. Let's set it up! 

Navigating to Site Speed

  • Hover over Settings
  • Click Site Speed

Site Speed

  • Page Caching: Page Caching will save page data and reload them from memory, as opposed to constructing each page on the fly for each unique visitor. Learn more about caching here.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): The CDN assist in site speed by caching your browsing history and pages you visit so that when you return to them they load faster. Learn more about CDN here. Note: this setting should be turned on once the site is ready to go live

Page Caching

You can enable page cache settings at the Webstore level:

  • Click Page Caching to expand the section.
  • If the checkbox is selected then cache will be enabled.
  • Duration: Enter the hours you want InkSoft to store each page. After this time, InkSoft will automatically clear the stored files and will wait for the first new visitor to generate the next cache files. We suggest a two hour flush time
  • Flush Now button: You can 'Flush' or clear each store's cached files if you make a change to your site and want to see the changes immediately.
  • Flush ALL Stores Cache button: You can 'Flush' or clear ALL of your store's cached files.
  • Click Save after making any changes.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

After clicking the Content Delivery Network accordion you will see all of your Webstores.

  • Click each store name to control CDN settings.
  • Status: CDN is either On (Yes) or Off (No).
  • Select Inksoft Edgecast CDN from the drop-down.
  • Temporary Disable for Next: You might choose to disable CDN for a specified number of hours if you are making changes or trying to see updates made on your site.
  • Manual Purge and Reload Request: Path to Reload/Path to Purge are available if you wish to use your own CDN service outside of the one we provide. If you are not familiar with this, or do not wish to use an outside CDN service, please disregard these fields and leave them blank.
  • Click Save