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Setting product, design and store options for Web Stores

InkSoft provides a large range of options for each Web Store, giving you the ability to fine tune the Web Store to your needs.
Note: new Stores will not be presented on this page. This applies to Webstores only.

Getting Started

  • Hover your mouse over Settings on the top
  • Click Options
  • Use the Select a Store drop-down menu and choose the store you wish to adjust settings for
  • Click the Apply button to reveal options for the selected store

  • You can use the Copy Settings from  Store drop-down to select the store you wish to copy settings from. Click Apply.
  • Click Save after any changes you would like to keep

Start Page

By default InkSoft will use the homepage as the 'start page'. This is the first page the greets your store's visitors. You can choose a start page from the drop-down. Options include:

  • Design Catalog (Main Design Template Page)
  • Product Catalog (Main Product Page)
  • Clip Art Catalog (Main Clip Art Page)
  • Design Studio: The Design Studio will load as the homepage.
  • Custom Page: You can select a custom content page to load as the Start page.


  • Enable Products: Displays the product page.
  • Display Prices: Will show prices on product pages. If disabled, pricing will display in the cart only.
  • Display Manufacturer Logo: Displays manufacturer logos on the main product category page and size chart.
  • Display Available Sizes: Displays all available sizes.
  • Display Product Availability: Displays product availability message -- which is configured on each product.
  • Display Product ID/SKU on Detail Page: Displays the product ID/SKU on the product detail page.
  • Display Quantity Discount: Displays the quantity discount table that coordinates with the specific product.
  • Browse By Manufacturer: Allow shoppers to browse products by manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer Logo: Displays manufacturer logo at each product detail screen.
  • Display Colors/Styles: Displays all active colors for each product.  If this is unchecked, only the default color will show for all products on the storefront.
  • Display Categories Always: Always displays product categories.
  • Display SKU: Display SKU on each product.
  • New Icon Days: When adding a new product, you can display a 'New' icon / badge at the product. Enter the days you want the icon / badge to display for.
  • Sort By: This will sort the products once the category is chosen. 

Design Ideas

  • Enable Design Ideas: Displays the design idea on the storefront, outside of the design studio.
  • Display Design Name: Displays the name of the design.
  • Enable Design Details Page: Displays the details of the design on its own page, before going to the Design Studio. 
  • Display New Icon Days: Enter the number of days you want to display the 'New' icon / badge for all new design.
  • Sort By: Select the sort option from the drop-down.
  • Background Color: You can choose a background color to display behind each design.

Design Studio

You can disable / enable many of the Design Studio's features:

  • Enable Design Studio: If unchecked, the Design Studio page will not display.
  • Clip Art: Will allow shoppers to keyword search / access clip art in the Design Studio (even if Clip Art is disabled).
  • User Art: Will allow shoppers to login to access their saved art.
  • Design Ideas: Will allow shoppers to keyword search / access designs in the Design Studio (Even if Designs are disabled).
  • Distress: Will allow users to apply a 'distress' effect to their designs. This is is a raster element and is only available on digitally printed items.
  • Resolution Meter: Displays a warning IF uploaded raster art is too poor in quality.
  • Share Design: Allows users to share their design via E-mail or social networks.
  • Get a Quote: Provides the user an option to get a quote before checking-out.
  • Automatically Create Art Approvals: Automatically generate an art approval when a user creates and saves a design.
  • Send E-mail Notification for Art Approvals: With Automatically Create Art Approval enabled, you can also have Inksoft send an E-mail notification to you when an Art Approval is created.
  • Upload Art: Will allow shoppers to upload their own art.
  • Upload Raster: Will allow shoppers to upload raster art.
  • Upload Vector: Will allow shoppers to upload vector art.
  • Enforce Boundaries: Will make ALL art stay inside of the print region. If not selected, the user can drag art outside of the print region, which would appear invisible.
  • Default Product: You can choose a default product that will greet your shoppers if they go immediately into the Design Studio.
  • Default Design: Choose the default design that would appear on a product, if the user goes immediately to the Design Studio.
  • Greet Box: Here you can greet a shopper with a video / custom image when they enter the Design Studio. They must dismiss this video / image to proceed.
  • Auto Zoom: Will zoom into the design after 5 seconds.
  • Names + Numbers: Enable / disable the player names & numbers function in the design studio.

Clip Art

  • Enable Clip Art: Displays clip art on the storefront.
  • Default Product: Select a default product to display when a clip art file is chosen and they proceed to the Design Studio.
  • Sort By:  Select how you would like the Clip Art to be sorted from the drop-down menu.
  • Name on ArtList: Will display the clip art file name in the store. This is generally NOT recommended.
  • Keywords on ArtList: Will display the clip art keywords in the store. This is generally NOT recommended.
  • Background Color: Select a color to represent the background of each clip art file.


  • Enable Store: When disabled, the designer, API, widgets, etc will still be available, but front-end will display 'Access denied' error to everyone. Generally, this is not recommended.
  • Enable Captcha: A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.  This will present when customers are creating an account on the storefront.
  • Send Daily Summary: Will send you a list of all completed orders for the selected store at the end of every day.
  • E-mail Me Current Order Notifications Now: InkSoft will send the order notification with the orders received up to that point.
  • Blind Carbon Copy Order Confirmation: You will be copied on the customers order receipt that they receive after checking out.
  • Blind Carbon Copy Shipment: Will send you an E-mail every time an order has been shipped from your store. 


  • Share Button: Will allow your shoppers to share from your store on their social networks.
  • Country Flag (legacy setting on Mocha Java themed stores): Will display a small country flag icon near the shopping cart. This indicates which countries you are willing to ship to.
  • Outbound Emails From: Here you can choose to send outbound emails from your fulfillment store or enter in another email if needed. 
  • Display Contact Info From Fulfillment Store: This will display contact information on your Store's 'Contact Us' page.  If checked, the contact details pull from your main store, if unchecked, the store specific information will be shown in that section.
  • Display in Main Store List: This allows you to pick and choose the stores you would like to show on your store front's top navigational bar.