Thread Libraries

Embroidery Thread Libraries

InkSoft has pre-loaded thread libraries that are easily accessible with Embroidery in RPC. 

Embroidery in RPC

Thread Libraries

  • Hover over Settings
  • Hover over Advanced
  • Click Thread Libraries 

System Libraries 

You will have 4 main libraries automatically set as Active. 

  • Gunold (Sulky)
  • Isacord (Poly)
  • Madeira (Classic Rayon, Poly, Rayon)
  • Robison-Anton (Polyester, Rayon)
Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.08.31 PM

Edit Thread Libraries 

  • To disable a thread library as a whole; uncheck the checkbox within the active column
  • To disable a thread catalog, click the drop down under Thread and uncheck the thread you want to deactivate
  • Click on the Library Name OR Edit Pencil to deactivate a specific thread color
  • Click Save to maintain your edits

Note: Excluding custom thread libraries will not impact any existing designs.